About The Here Be Spoilers Crew

Derek Springer (yammering lunkhead) is a musician, writer, graphic doohickey creator, and a self-described "Pop Culture Ninja". He has even been paid to do at least two of those things!

As the host of The Ugly Couchcast, Derek spent many afternoons and evenings talking to some of his friends in an attempt to show the world (or at least the four or five people who listened) that those friends are way funnier than he could ever hope to be. He likes to think he achieved that goal.

Now, as a co-host of Here Be Spoilers, he has teamed up with a couple of friends to watch movies and make fun of them.  It seems to be working well for him, and has drastically reduced his therapy bills.


Larry Sieczynski (show historian) is the most sleeveless person you will ever know. As the drummer for Gypsy Moth, in which he played along with Derek, he established himself as a guy who most certainly can count to four a solid eight out of ten times, as well as hit things in a rhythmic manner. This came in quite handy.

Since the band split up, Larry has decided to divide his time between work, taking part in Here Be Spoilers, and being a Star Wars collection haver. Whatever free time he managed to get his hands on is spent having injured knees. Nobody is able to adequately explain why.

As a co-host of Here Be Spoilers, he is often quiet, but is known to sneak in an unusual bit of trivia and a good, solid joke when nobody is looking, as well as find some of the most obscure, weird flicks the guys have watched.


Jake Streeter (show theologian) is from Alabama, we think, which might explain how he can say things like "varmint" without a hint of irony. He has a stunning ability to recall obscure lines from just about any movie he has seen, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of comic book lore, movie facts, and the hat sizes of history's greatest carpet remnant salesmen.

When not intimidating peoples' plumbing into submission, Jake plays video games and uses plastic fast food utensils to customize action figures and bend them to his will. Seriously. Ask him how he made his custom Wolverine figure.

As a co-host of Here Be Spoilers, he is the go-to guy when Derek inevitably forgets the name of an actor or director, and his Jesse "The Body" Ventura impression is unmatched by even the former Minnesota governor himself.


Bosco (ever-alert guard beast) is the silent partner and brains of the operation. He is a Parson Russell Terrier who enjoys smelling things to determine whether they are edible or a threat, peeing on other things, and watching Mythbusters.