February 16, 2014

Episode 15: Hello, Larry!

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Guest: Larry Sieczynski

Avoiding seeing Paulie Shore movies, explain your nickname, MTV has zero "M" and barely any "TV", Miley Cyrus has questionable talent, Larry is let out of the closet, the vast Disney conspiracy, "These kids today!", what happened to The Paddle, a tearful Thanksgiving with Billy Ray, let's not blow up Syria, if a puppy was president (SPOILER: It's WACKY!), Ten-ish Funny Tweets Derek Has Re-Tweeted This Week, woefully unprepared for this show, a brief look at #KeithMonday, the Weird Old Guy and the Illuminati Conspiracy, telegram sexting, breaking the news to Larry about Khan, the Wolverine goes shopping, about the new Evil Dead flick, C.H.U.D.: Mission to Moscow, Anthony Hopkins is just plain awesome, Larry brings up Ben Affleck and Derek defends him (but can't defend his HUGE forehead), Christian Bale's horrible voice and fun situations where you can use it, The Boston Batman, the joy of a simple pogo stick, pre-Internet Spank Bank, Cylons and firecrackers, Derek knows stuff about Star Wars (he got Red Three wrong; it was Biggs Darklighter, not Wedge Antilles), Jimmy Smits Does Push-ups, more fun with #KeithMonday, busted for finding the Christmas stash, The Tiny Little Drive-In for Remote Control Cars, Rod Serling frightens children (with a little help from Mom and Dad), Larry's childhood hallucinations, Boston Batman Returns, I'M MATT DAMON!!!, Leonard Nimoy and the Shitty Game Console, kidnapper pirates, "Do celebrities Google themselves?", dueling thoughts and how the brain works, Derek talks about his experience at the very first Southside Music Festival.

BONUS: Run DMC! Macklemore! And the Beastie Boys! Just because!

Running Time: 1:42:05