February 15, 2014

Welcome to Our New Home on the Interwebs!

Welcome to the shiny new home of The Ugly Couchcast!

We're just getting the plastic off the furniture and repainting the place, so we may be a bit before we can start posting new shows. (I tend to post them on a "whenever-I-feel-like-it" basis, so please be patient.) However, we're going to be adding the old shows here so you can snag them if you want to. Or, if you're new to the show, you can listen to a previous episode or two...you know...just to get an idea of what we're all about and stuff.

And if you ARE new to the Couchcast, allow me to introduce myself and my co-host.

I'm Derek, and this is what I look like:

I don't normally look this constipated.

Yes, I play guitar. No, I'm not currently in a band. Thank you for your interest. I'll probably post a new tune or two from time to time, just to keep folks interested.

Anyway, I am the host of The Ugly Couchcast. I'm the guy who does most of the talking and asks the guests all the questions.

My co-host is Bosco. He looks like this:


Bosco is the quiet partner of the show. He helps put guests at ease by begging for belly rubs and licking their faces. A lot. He has a lot of energy, this guy.

The premise of the show itself is pretty simple: I invite my friends to my house, park them on the Ugly Couch (its ugliness demands the capital letters), and just talk to them about whatever comes to mind. Usually, it involves comics, movies, TV, childhood toys, and funny stories from our lives. Sometimes there's even music!

Anyway, welcome to The Ugly Couchcast. And I hope you'll stick around. If you dig the show, maybe you could possibly share it with your friends?

All the best,
Derek and Bosco