April 20, 2014

Ten Funny Tweets (And THAT'S ALL) Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week (Late Evening Edition)

Okay, okay...I know I usually post these lists earlier in the day, but, as today is Easter, I decided to give myself a little leeway so I could gorge myself and perhaps pass out in a food coma. I'm pleased to announce that this is exactly what happened, so, er, Victory, I guess!

Anyway, it was another hilarious week on Twitter, but I've decided to scale back to the original limit of ten posts, because frankly, it's been getting out of hand. And, as silly as this may sound, I feel like adding more and more each week diminishes the list. (Because you just know all those funny Twitter folk are just living for the prestige of ending up on a list that is read by the dozen or so of you that actually take the time.)

And so, in no particular order...

Judge me all you want, but I think John Moe (@johnmoe), the host of Wits on Minnesota Public Radio, is one of the funniest human beings on Earth. And one of the funniest bits they do on the show is The Mad Men Show Sketch. This is why:

And finally, here's Tim Bartlett (@wbllostsoul), a truly funny human being who doesn't get nearly enough attention on Twitter.
There you have it! And, as always, if you're not on Twitter, join and find even more funny!

Stay tuned, as I will be posting a new Couchcast in the next few days!

All the best,
Derek and Bosco