October 11, 2015

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Hey, guys! It was another great week of Twitter-y goodness. Oh, sure, there was a bunch of stuff that happened in the real world, but, frankly, I am sick to death of talking about all of it. So instead, I've decided to focus this week's pre-list section on tacos!

You throw me the taco...I'll throw you the whip!
Why tacos, you ask? Well, lots of reasons. First, they are an awesome food object. Everybody likes them. Oh, sure, lots of people don't like lettuce on them, or tomatoes, or hard shell, or even soft shell. Some like sour cream on their tacos. Others prefer guacamole. (For the record, those people are wrong.) But rest assured, there's a taco out there for everybody.

Myself, I would prefer a constant rain of tacos. But that's just me.
Tacos have become so popular that they have developed their own little subculture here on the interwebs. Taco Tuesday is an actual thing that has pretty much become an unofficial holiday. I'm sure there's even some sort of weird, taco-related erotica floating around out there.

Oh, Rule 43...Is there no end to the horrors you present to the world?
Now, I enjoy a nice taco from time to time, but burritos are more my sort of thing. Does that make me a bad person? Of course not; there are so many other things that could do that. I don't see the point of focusing on my love of burritos.

Anyway, do you know what the best kind of tacos are? Surprise tacos.

And surprise mini tacos are their own magical surprise!
But enough about tacos. (For now.) What say we get around to this week's list of tweets, shall we? And, once again, if you like the tweets you read here, go follow these folks on Twitter, will ya? A guy can only suggest this sort of thing so much.

Anyhow...In no particular order...

And there you have it! Almost as awesome as being strapped into a machine and being force-fed tacos!

I know that was a reach, but I really wanted to put this last one in here.
So...Have a great week! And to start it off, here's a word from our sponsor, Taco Town.

(For the record, I would eat that taco.)

All the best,
Derek and Bosco