March 13, 2017

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Hi, guys!

After the week I had at work, I'm just not ready to talk about politics this time around, because I would probably punch my computer, and then there wouldn't be a list next week. Can't have that. Besides, my microwave might be listening.

I will, however, add this (courtesy of our pal @redtache):

Anyway, this past week, the weather tried to kill us all, and there were a lot of people who ended up without electricity. Among those affected was my place of employment. I had just clocked in, and when I was reaching for the door, the lights went out.

Artist's rendering of last Wednesday.
 Not fun, especially when I had to actually finish my work.

We got power back on Friday, which is all well and good, but that was the one day that I wish they had called me and said, "Hey, Derek...Why don't you stay home tonight?"

I had plans, is all...
But, alas, it was not to be, so I went to work and hated all of it. It's kind of my thing.

Now enough of that shit. Who wants to look at some goddamn funny tweets? In fact, these particular ten were chosen from the vast tweet mines of Twitter specifically because they will make you laugh, and also send your brain a coded message to guard you from appliances trying to read your brain with rays.

So open your mouth, say "aaah", and dig these, in no particular order:

And there you have it! Now get out there, stay warm (it's freakin' freezing here), and have a great week! And to get you started, here's Barenaked Ladies performing with the a capella group, The Persuasions...

All the best,
Derek and Bosco