July 16, 2014

Shaun of the Dead

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Oh, we had fun with this one! One of the greatest British rom-com-zom movies ever: Shaun of the Dead!

Larry takes the lead, as he's the biggest zombie fan of the group, eventually confessing to being touched in an inappropriate way by a zombie as a child. Jake jumps in with useful and fun trivia about the movie and other projects associated with it. Derek forgets names, says irrelevant things, and then talks about non-movie-related stuff. Somehow, it all works out and finished with round two of our Cage-Off!

Tune in to hear terrible accents, not-quite-as-terrible Nicholas Cage impressions, and news about Thor and Weird Al Yankovic! Also, The Ugly Couchcast's Bosco makes a cameo appearance to help the guys find out whether dogs can look up.

So get on board, ye scurvy dogs! ARRRR!

Next Week's Movie: The Blues Brothers