September 23, 2015

The Here Be Spoilers/Ugly Couchcast 50th Episode Crossover

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That's right! The guys have hit fifty episodes of Here Be Spoilers, and they're celebrating by bringing back The Ugly Couchcast to just talk about the first forty-nine shows, play a few of their favorite clips, and think about the future of the show, including what movies they really, really want to watch for the show, which episode so far was their favorite, which was the worst, and so much more.

Derek falls into his old Couchcast spot as the guy asking most of the questions and then still talking a lot more than everyone else.

Jake explains where his ability to make such colorful comparisons to characters and situations in the movies comes from. We also learn a little more about his early childhood, Barbara Walters-style, but with less crying.

Larry reveals his secret identity as the show's archivist, being able recall specific moments from previous episodes with startling accuracy and speed. He's now officially the Keeper of Records.

Bosco does Bosco stuff. He does it quietly, as is his way, and he is always watching...

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So tune in! Listen! Question your choices! This thing ain't gonna listen to itself! And stay tuned...More Here Be Spoilers is on the way!