January 6, 2016


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Larry was told that his choice for the first movie of the year would be the one that sets the tone for the rest of this year's shows. After viewing this week's movie, we're now terrified to see what the rest of the year will bring...

This week, the guys sat down to watch the 1983 movie Hysterical, starring the Hudson Brothers (Bill, Mark, and Brett) comedy team. For those who don't remember them, they were three brothers who really flourished on a Saturday morning show wedged within ABC's plethora of cartoons in the late 70s and early 80s.

Featuring poor fashion choices and assorted "groovy" sets!
Bill plays Frederick Lansing, a world-famous writer of incredibly filthy novels. He wants to get away from the rough-and-tumble world of sitting quietly in his office and writing dirty books, so he changes his name and moves to a small town in Oregon called Hellview, where he plans to write "the Great American Novel".

Unfortunately, his plan is almost instantly derailed by a spirit called Venetia (Julie Newmar) that inhabits the old lighthouse he now calls home. She's trapped in there because she killed the lighthouse keeper, a huge man named Captain James Howdy. (Played by the equally huge Richard Kiel.)

Oh, Eegah...What happened to do this to you?
When Frederick (who now calls himself Casper Brown) falls in love with Kate (Cindy Pickett), the realtor who sold him the lighthouse, Venetia is not happy, and she called the reanimated corpse of Captain Howdy out of the sea to kill everybody and everything because, as we all know, Hell hath no fury like a former Catwoman scorned.

After investigating the body of Captain Howdy, Dr. John (Bud Cort) recommends sending for a couple of adventurer/scientists called Dr. Paul Batton (Mark Hudson) and Fritz (Brett Hudson) to research how Captain Howdy died and what might have brought him back.

We've got a bad feeling about this.
When Dr. Paul Batton and Fritz arrive, everything goes bad. Venetia sends Captain howdy on a rampage through town, turning everyone into zombies. (You can tell because they all wear turtleneck sweaters and say "What difference does it make" a lot. This is never explained.)

Even worse(?), Frederick/Casper is being harassed by Venetia, by way of slowly turning him into Captain Howdy, in order to get him to leave Kate or Kate to leave him.

As all this other stuff is happening, Ralph (Robert Donner), a local crazy person, spends his day riding around town, letting various people know that they are doomed. It's a service that has, sadly, died out lately.

Mork?! Is that you?! You're doomed!
To make a way too long story short, Captain Howdy kidnaps Kate, Frederick/Caster and Dr. Paul and Fritz chase him down, Ralph shows up with an army of more crazy people, there are musical numbers, and the viewer, if they are still watching, is left somewhat disappointed in the life choices they made.

Just like Charlie Callas...
Larry loves this movie with a passion which burns like the heat of a thousand suns. He feels it ranks right up there with Citizen Kane, Casablanca, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in its level of awesomeness.

Derek believes Larry is wrong. It wasn't a terrible movie -- certainly not as terrible as some of the others they have watched, but it just didn't hit the mark with him. But it had a pretty impressive cast for a $6 million movie!

Jake actually kind of enjoyed it. He felt there were some really good jokes hidden in among the straight-up goofiness that flowed so freely across the screen. He, too, was impressed with the cast, as well, despite having no idea who the Hudson Brothers were.

There's also a bunch of news in The Lobby (as well as more being mean to, and then defending, George Lucas), a few interesting choices Coming Soon, Larry's List, and a fun Inside My Head segment where the guys go through the movies they watched last year and talk about the fun bits.

So tune in for a groovy episode! And remember: You're all doomed!