July 11, 2017

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Hi, guys!

I hope all of you are doing well. My week is going pretty good so far, so let's try to keep that happening with some weird-ass video game GIFs.

Anyway, last week we here in the U.S. celebrated Independence Day, which memorializes the day that Will Smith punched an alien in the face and said, "Welcome to Earff!" At the same time, President Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum frowned a lot! We celebrate by drinking a lot and blowing shit up. It's totally patriotic and stuff.

Okay, maybe I got a few of the facts wrong, but you get the idea.

The accuracy in this, however, is flawless.
In end-of-the-world news, Angry Orange attended the G20 conference, where he met with his handler to receive new marching orders. While there, he says he firmly asked Vladimir Putin whether Russia was involved in messing with the 2016 election, and Putin said that, no, Russia was not involved.

Whew! What a relief! I mean, we've spent all this time, gathering evidence and having hearings and hiring independent investigators and all that, and it turns out that all we had to do was ask! I guess we can close down all the investigations, right?

This is how Angry Orange writes his tweets.
Another sign of the upcoming Apocalypse came in the form of an announcement that Jay-Z is coming out with a new album.

On the plus side, at least it isn't a Kanye West album.

Eat my dust, Wilbur!
As for my week...It had its ups-and-downs, as well as a "what the hell?" moment that may or may not lead to a new t-shirt design.

Guess which one it is...

This is why I don't skateboard anymore.
And then there were tweets. Twitter was alive with snarky goodness, funny jokes, and downright weirdness. So, as I tend to do, I grabbed a bunch of them so I could show them to you, Dear Reader! So let's have a look, in no particular order.

And there you have it! Now get out there and have a great week! To help it along, here's a Star Wars short called "The Solo Adventures" from The DAVE School!

Now I need a beverage...

My life is a Benny Hill sketch...
All the best,
Derek and Bosco