July 25, 2017

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Hi, everybody!

I know this week's list is late, but it's late for a reason; I've been working on building this bad boy:

Behold...The "Green Meanie"!
This also explains why there will be no podcast this week, as I'm currently working on the neck and trying to figure out where I screwed up the wiring. But as of now, it is looking like a sexy machine!

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to find any new GIFs, so I'm recycling again.

Besides...who doesn't like the classics?
First off, a big ol' Here Be Spoilers shout-out to our pals, Billy Brooks and Barry Bishop. The show they both worked on with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, not to mention countless other talented and funny actors, Con Man has been picked up by SyFy and will begin airing in September! No longer will you have to watch it on your tiny computer screen (unless you were lucky enough to pick up the first season on DVD when it was available)! You'll be able to see it in all its hilarious goofiness on your own giant TV! (Everybody has one of those, right?) And, really, you should check it out, if you haven't already.

Also, great big congratulations to AlanTudyk and Mindy Sterling for their Emmy nominations! Good luck! We're pulling for you guys over here!

They have Spectrum comics in their store?!
Now...On to the stupid shit!

Poor White House spokesdope Sean "Spicy" Spicer hit the road last week, having had enough of Angry Orange's undermining him and berating him after only six months, as well as the hiring of Anthony "Mooch" Scaramucci as the new White House Communications Director. Nobody will miss Spicer more than my dad, who would regularly be thrown into near-choking fits of laughter at Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live. So now Spicy will be spending more time lying to his family. And, like all of us, I'm sure he's glad that whole mess is over.

Spicy was replaced at the podium by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who will continue to lie in Spicy's absence, so there really won't be much of a change, other than some of the press briefings being televised, and maybe Melissa McCarthy not having to wear a wig.

Look for Huckabee Sanders to be replaced by a musical act by Christmas.
Elsewhere in the White House, the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election continues to widen, even as the noose tightens around some of the players involved. Angry Orange's son, Don, Jr., released an set of emails he received concerning the meeting he went to in July of last year to get some dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Turns out that he did, in fact, know what it was about, but, like his father, fails to see what the big deal is. He is a chip off the old blockhead, which is why his father once referred to him, his own son, as "a quality person." No word yet as to whether he will be downgraded to "acceptably mammalian." Don, Jr.'s brother, Eric, is still holding his spot in the hierarchy as "sentient meat wad" as of this writing.

Angry Orange will not let this distract him, however, from complaining about popular vote winner Clinton, whom he appears to have some sort of weird crush on, considering how much time he spends tweeting about her. He has not, however, spent very much time doing...you know...president stuff. Instead, he has tweeted, golfed, tried to indoctrinate the Boy Scouts, ragged on the Attorney General and Keebler Secret Recipe Guardian Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation, and watched a lot of television. But worry not, Dear Reader, because he has given assurances.

No timeline has been established as of this writing.

Probably when he starts promoting the Miss Universe Beauty Contest again.
And, finally, a new Doctor Who has been announced! The new 13th Doctor is Jodie Whittaker, an actor known for her role in the show Broadchurch. Naturally, the internet was set ablaze by people who were fully in favor of the first female Doctor, people who wanted no part of it (including former Doctor Who Steven Moffat), and people who mocked the people who wanted no part of it.

Personally, I was never really big on the show (although I did like the two non-canon movies with Peter Cushing), I fully support the idea of a female Doctor. After all, Doctor Who is an alien Time-Lord with shape-shifting capabilities. I would think that, as a sort of scientist, it would want to experience everything about being human that it could, including what it is like to be a female. Also, we men screw up everything, so it's only a matter of time (ha!) that one of us would do something stupid, like buy a sports almanac in the future, take it back to the past, and end up putting a big, dumb rich guy in power...

Oh, shit.

Shut up already...Damn.
Then there were tweets. So many tweets! And I grabbed them, wrestled them into a bag, and dragged them home, where I clubbed them and put the here for all to see. So let's have a look! In no particular order...

And there you have it! Now get out there and have a great week! I have to go finish this guitar, so I'll show you this to distract you while I run away:

All the best,
Derek and Bosco