March 3, 2014

Episode 21: The Good, The Bad and The Larry

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Guest: Larry Sieczynski


Getting caught up, about our new home on the web, a word about Larry's mom, living that rockstar lifestyle, Minecraft: The Movie(?), blockheads, the origin of Slenderman, Derek tries to explain how works, electric fan-distributed money shot, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME, Valentine's Day date, a few facts about The LEGO™ Movie, woefully unprepared for the show, the Dumbledore/Gandalf argument, whimsy makes you sleepy, Alan Rickman is the ginchiest, The Muppets Most Wanted, Larry hates when puppets sing, Frank Oz shouldn't sing dramatic songs, bring back the Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock and the Doozers, Derek does a pretty solid Bobo the Bear voice, We Built This City is a terrible song, Porky Pig is fed-up, the official A Million Ways To Die In The West trailer, Summer Movie Extravaganza, Larry explains what happened after Return of the Jedi, J.J. Abrahms and his friggin' lens flares,  maintaining the look, the lost art of practical model effects, it all ties together, something new for the middle of the show, The Tommy Westphall Grand Unification Theory of TV, examples from the big-ass flowchart, Derek breaks his brain, Sid & Marty Krofft probaby smoked a LOT of weed, other fun childhood TV shows, dissention among the ranks of The Mickey Mouse Club, let's talk about the Monkees, emotionally scarred by husky pee, Larry is traumatized by Return of the Living Dead, family bonding over monster movies, Robot Monster and the Billion Bubbles Machine, A Word From Our Sponsor, a word ABOUT our sponsor, Derek makes a poor moviegoing decision, Ringo Starr "acts", terrible 3-D sequels, Star Wars fart jokes, explaining how The Passion of the Binks COULD happen, staying topical, Larry has a creative way to get rid of a roommate, living with the female Sheldon Cooper, not a horrible C.H.U.D. monster, the Icy/Hot condom, embarrassing stories, hanging out (literally) at Barnes & Noble!

BONUS: The "Weird Al" Story! Also, this:

You know you want to see that.