June 9, 2014

This Ain't Chinatown, Jake! (Extended Director's Cut)

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Guest: Jake Streeter

Jake does his killer Ray Charles impersonation.
"Hey, momma, don't you do me wrong..."
(NOTE: This episode had so much funny stuff in it that I was reluctant to cut anything. As a result, it's over three hours long. Listen to it in chunks or all at once...But absolutely listen!)

Action figure mash-up artist Jake Streeter stops by the couch to talk about his creations (check 'em out on Instagram), the importance of Taco Bell when planning a project, what it takes for the NRA to turn their backs on a group of gun nuts (he says "varmint" a lot when he gets excited), some of his favorite episodes of The X-Files, video games, ripping into a ten-year-old while playing games online, and his kick-ass Jessie Ventura impression.

Derek, as usual, steers everything right off the rails by bringing up Robocop. The whole thing degenerates into ragging on all kinds of stupid films, why TMZ sucks, and an intriguing conversation about remaking every movie with Chris Tucker as the star. He also talks about his accidental trip to New Jersey and more tales of Dennis Roof.

They discuss fun words to say, a fascination with special FX, Worf the Klingon's forehead, and why Michael Chicklis was almost better than a Spandex-clad Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four movies. (Hint: It wasn't because of his Spandex Speedo.) There's also endless mockery of Southerners!