August 20, 2014

Horror of Party Beach

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This week, the guys go waaaay back to the mysterious, dark time known as 1964 to check out a "classic" called Horror of Party Beach!

This movie has everything! If, by chance, your definition of "everything" consists of teenagers who appear to be in their forties, excessively stereotypical housekeepers, a surf band that doesn't look like they know how to play their instruments, scenes shot in almost absolute darkness, poor dubbing, and a weird-looking fish monster/zombie that looks like it was made from old tires and hot dogs, that is...

No, seriously...This is it.
Alternate title: The Beast From Nathan's Famous!
Derek takes the lead on this one and gets upset by the swimwear choices. Larry talks about missed character choice opportunities for Eulabelle the maid, and Jake almost bites his own tongue off arguing about what does and does not constitute a "zombie".

In the end, they are left with even more questions than they had at the beginning. For instance, what's up with the monster's mouth? Are those bratwursts? And why is it filled with rice pudding and Stove Top stuffing (instead of potatoes)? Did Tina poop herself? How close to retirement are Hank and Elaine, the two "teenage" heroes? What's the deal with Elaine's father and his pervy expression? That band? Seriously? Is Eulabelle, with her insistence that "this is all voodoo", actually the smartest person in this movie? Or is she actually a ring wraith sent from Mount Doom? Why the slumber party/wake? Why wasn't there a sequel that focused on the drunk guys? And so much more...

So go! Now! Download this latest episode of Here Be Spoilers and share in the confusion!

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