October 29, 2014

Man with the Screaming Brain

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We're baaaaaaaaaaaack!

And, boy howdy, do we have a flick for you guys!

For our triumphant return after a two-month hiatus (due to computer technicalities), we sat down and watched Bruce Campbell in Man with the Screaming Brain.

Bruce Campbell is...HITLER?!
Bruce plays William Cole, a pharmaceutical salesman (we think) who is in Bulgaria to look at the subway for some reason. (It's never really clarified.) He somehow manages to annoy a gypsy woman, who clubs him with a lead pipe and kills him. Ted Raimi and Stacy Keach bring him back to life by putting half of a dead cab driver's brain in his head and stitch it up, making him look like Captain Worf's long-lost brother.

Separated at birth?
It also gives him a second person living inside his head.

Oh, and did we also mention that the cab driver is ex-KGB? And he likes to break fingers? Obviously, hilarity ensues.

So saddle up, hold on to your brain, and listen in as Derek, Jake and Larry pick their brains and talk about Man with the Screaming Brain!

Next Week: We've got a special one, specially chosen for our good friend Marco Platt.  We'll be watching the 1964 "classic", The Creeping Terror!

See you then!