February 5, 2015


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On Superb Owl Sunday, the crew of Here Be Spoilers decided to get together and watch Armageddon, which had been a request from @redtache - one of their listeners in the United Kingdom. A time was set, and snacks were arranged. Everything looked ready to go...And then...


Okay, not exactly a "tragedy"...Nobody was in danger of getting all dead or anything like that. It was, however, a serious bummer that Jake could not make it to the viewing/recording due to his job as a guy who is capable of shoveling things. In this case, snow. Lots and lots of snow.

And, as it was too late to try scheduling a guest, Derek and Larry, saddened by Jake's absence, but still in the mood for food and a dumbass movie, braved four-foot drifts and blowing flurries to watch Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck try to make a hole in a rock as dramatically as possible, while floating in space, while Liv Tyler stared meaningfully at things.

And she was cute as a button while she did it!
Meanwhile, Michael Clarke Duncan, Owen Wilson, Will Patton, Ken Campbell, and Steve Buscemi went around being all wacky and silly.

Wack-a-doodles, these guys!
Also, Billy Bob Thornton and Keith David spend a lot of time arguing about whether or not this ragtag group of oil drillers is humanity's last hope, or just a bunch of chunkheads. (Guess which one Derek and Larry picked!)

Derek rages over just how stupid Affleck's character (but, it should be noted, not Affleck himself) manages to be throughout this film. In fact, according to Derek, A.J. is responsible for numerous deaths, as well as the destruction of millions of dollars' worth of high-tech spaceships and drilling equipment.

LEFT TO RIGHT: An idiot and not an idiot (also, Batman)
Larry is concerned about Harry's tendency to fly into fits of destructive anger, as well as his willingness to use that rage to torture other around him. (A.J., the Greenpeace people...)

What are you saying?! That I'm BALD?!
Jake...still wasn't there. But if he was, he probably would have been deeply disturbed by Steve Buscemi's snaggletooth grin and big, moist eyes.

Artist's rendition
Along with all of that, there are also new editions Nerd Rage, Larry's Top Ten Lists, One Thing, The Lobby and Coming Attractions!

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