July 13, 2015

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Jeepers, you guys! What a week! And while there were some not-so-good things going on (turns out Bill Cosby admitted "buying drugs to have sex with women"; Jared from Subway got busted by the feds; Ariana Grande was seen licking donuts at a donut shop and saying she hated America, and then issued a non-apology that went on a weird rant about how kids in the U.S. are fat), there were quite a few awesome things, most of which came out of the San Diego Comic-Con. (Star Wars VII behind-the-scenes reel, Deadpool, Batman v. Superman, Walking Dead Season 6, and Ash vs. Evil Dead trailers, among the bunch). And that's all well and good.

Nerd Porn!
However, there are two things that are incredibly super-groovy that I want to point out.

First off, Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed released the first new Bloom County strip in twenty-five years!

What inspired him to return? There are a few theories, but I'd like to believe that it's because he saw what was coming for the 2016 election and decided that he had to be a part of that. It's perfect for Opus, Bill, Steve Dallas, Milo, and all the others to get in on! Here's hoping Bill the Cat runs again!

Second, you all remember my interview with VFX ninja and friend of the show Billy Brooks, right? Well, he was at SDCC for a panel on the web series he worked on called Con Man, which stars former Firefly cast members Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. Also working on the show was Billy's partner, Barry Bishop. The panel was being moderated by comedian Chris Hardwick (aka @nerdist), and he took a moment to introduce the two of them to the crowd of roughly 7000 people in Hall H. And then this happened:

So, a big shout out and congratulations to Billy and Barry from all of us here at Ugly Couchcast Industries!

And now, let's get to some tweets shall we? And, as always, if you dig these, you should totally come on over to Twitter and join us, where you can find even more funny stuff!

In no particular order...

And there you have it! Not a bad week at all! Now on to the next one! And, to help that along, here's a hilarious clip suggested by our pal Kris Silva:

All the best,
Derek and Bosco