April 18, 2016

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Hey, gang! Another great week, if you ignore all usual garbage, which I did.

Instead, I observed some hashtag games...

And may have even taken part in some, in one capacity or another.

But, hey...It was fun!

It sure was!
And then I was blatantly harassed by a friend...The pain is almost unbearable, really.

But I continue to survive.

Despite my ineffectual attack methods.
Even when my world was turned upside-down by horrifying news. Fortunately, the denizens of the interwebs were able to properly give voice to my rage.

I mean...what the hell?

Jazz hands!
And then, of course, there were the awesome folks of Twitter, who, as they do every single week, make me laugh no matter how many bands Axl Rose is intent on ruining. Here, a look (in no particular order)...

Sweet, right? Now get out there and enjoy your week, you guys. And to help it along, here's another awesome Impractical Jokers clip to laugh at:

Looks like they picked the wrong snacks...

Admit it: You're kind of aroused by this.
All the best,
Derek and Bosco

P.S.: We couldn't find someplace to put this GIF in, but we wanted to share it, so here it is.