August 29, 2016

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Okay, guys...Before I get started with the usual list of stupid things Donald Trump has done or said, I have a serious thing I want to mention.

I just read an hour or so ago that actor Gene Wilder passed away at the age of 83. Some of you may remember Wilder from his roles as Dr. Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein, Jim in Blazing Saddles, Avrim in a personal favorite of mine called The Frisco Kid (in which he starred with a young Harrison Ford), and several films with Richard Pryor.

If none of the above bring him to mind, shame on you.

Seriously...If you read this page, you should know this stuff.
He was a hilarious and talented actor, and was also married to comedienne Gilda Radner before she passed away in 1989. He will be missed.


For this week's animations, I captured the Superfriends from Hanna-Barbera!

No, it was not just a figure of speech.
So let's get this atrocity underway!

First off, Trump, as has been noted previously, is attempting a little bit of outreach with the African-American community. He has done this by speaking to groups of white people who are somewhere near places where African-Americans may or may not live. This has not turned out to be the winning strategy that he and his staff thought it might be.

As a result, he switched tactics and decided that the smart move here would be to convince the African-American communities that he's not the racist bigot! It was Hillary the whole time!

This week, he's coming to Detroit to speak to actual African-Americans! I sincerely hope this is televised...

I expect this to be Trump's reaction the first time
one of those African-Americans disagrees with him.
For her part, Hillary is defending herself. Well, sort of. Truth be told, she really doesn't have to because everyone knows that the garbage that Trump is spewing about her is ridiculous. Anyway, she's gave a speech last week talking about how Donald has enthusiastically courted the racist hillbillies in order to pretend he's serious about being the guy in charge of everything. It was quite an entertaining and, more importantly, a factually accurate speech that listed a number of things Trump has done to show just how little he thinks of people who don't have the same color skin as him (although, really, the only thing that has similar skin color to him is a Cheeto or a naval orange) or speaks a different language than him. (I have to assume he just thinksd they're making up words to confuse him.)

Naturally, he and his spokeschimps blew a fucking gasket and tried to talk about her and the e-mail thing, which is no longer a thing, and her health, which is also not a thing. If those didn't work, BEGHAZI!

I have no caption for this. It's just a WTF sorta thing, really.
Also up in the air is whether or not Donald has actually given any money to the various charities that he has promised. Turns out it's pretty hard to find out this information.

Well, as he's already with the whole $6 million to veterans thing, it's not looking...what's the word? Truthful?

Holy budget cuts, Batman! These new Bat-communicators don't even have string!
Just the other day, the cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade was shot and killed. This is a terrible thing for anyone to have to experience. Many people expressed their sympathy to Wade and his family. Let's take a look at what Trump said, shall we?

Oooh...Not cool, dude. Not cool at all.

If he keeps this sort of thing up, it could end badly for him. Very badly.

This is not that much of a stretch to believe.

Dammit, Aquaman! Cut it out!
And, finally, since Trump keeps questioning Hillary's health, questions arose about a letter from Trump's own "doctor" concerning his own health. Oh, it's not that the letter said there was anything unhealthy about him. In fact, this doctor found him to be the healthiest person to ever run for president. Seriously. Here, read it for yourself:

I have the best doctors! Really fantastic!
Well, Dr. Bornstein has become something of a celebrity on Twitter, largely because everyone thinks he looks like The Dude. Personally, I think he looks like Brent Spiner's character from Independence Day.

Either way, questions arose over some of the terminology used in the letter, including the part about Trump's medical exam showing "only positive results". In Doctorland, saying test were positive usually means bad things. But not in Dr. Bornsteinland!

And there are no lifeguards, either!
And then came the tweets...Your tweets, to be specific. Well, ten of you anyway. And I found 'em all on Twitter! Let's have a look, and if you dig 'em, come and join us!

In no particular order...

And there you have it! Quite a week! Now get out there and make this one an awesome one, will ya? To help it along, here's the original 1973 classic Superfriends intro!

Finally, some food for thought from the Dynamic Duo themselves:

All the best,
Derek and Bosco