August 8, 2016

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Hey, gang!

I really, really, really wanted to avoid talking about politics this week because, quite frankly, I was a bit tired of it from giving my attention to the Republican Fear-O-Rama and the Democratic More-Patriotic-Than-Thou Showcase.

But, as always, Donald Trump pulled me from the glorious abyss with a week that may very well go down in history as his worst week to day. (Although I hold high hopes that he will be able to top it at least once before the election.)

So, here we go again. But this time, we're going to do it with GIFs from what can only be described as the greatest video game EVER.

I speak, of course, of none other than the great Earthworm Jim.

FUN FACT: Jim is somehow related to Bruce Campbell.
Where to start? Well, we can begin with the tail-end of the DNC, when the Muslim parents of Captain Humayun Khan, a soldier killed in Iraq in 2004, questioned Trump's sacrifices and general knowledge of the Constitution.

Trump being Trump, responded by claiming he was "viciously attacked" by the couple, questioned whether the wife was even allowed to speak (Ghazala Khan was silent during Khizr Khan's speech), and then went on to suggest that he himself had sacrificed as much as (if not more than) the Khan family because he employs "a lot of people" and builds things.

Holy. Shit.

This back-and-forth went on almost the whole week, even though even Republicans were saying things like, "Ehhhh...Donald...Maybe you should oughta, you know, stop? Before even the meager chance you have of winning is completely disintegrated?"

And then he was off!
Trump responded by asking, during a security briefing which he is now, as the Republican nominee, allowed to be at, why the U.S. can't just use the nuclear option when dealing with foreign powers.

And then, at one of his rallies, a baby began to cry...

My only question is, what lunatic would bring a baby to a rally where there will be almost constant loud noise (crowds, cheering, music, a bloviating Cheeto with a bad rug, racists epithets...that sort of thing)?

Juggling a family can be difficult. We get it.
Oh, and word came out that Melania, Donald's wife, might actually have been an "illegal alien", as her husband is so fond of calling undocumented immigrants. See, some nude photos she posed for in 1995 came to light, and the story keeps changing about how she was able to work without a work in the US before becoming a citizen in 2001. Then a spokesperson came forward and said that her green card from her marriage allowed it. However, she claims Donald is her first husband, and they didn't marry until 2005. Or something. To be honest, it's all confusing and most of it is bullshit, so I really don't care anymore.

Heh-heh...the earthworm's pants fell down...
So let's have us some tweets, shall we? And, as always, if you dig 'em, come on over to and hang out with some of the funniest people on this weird little planet!

And there you have it! But wait! I'm not done! Here's a video! Watch it! Exclamation points!!!!!

And now, I'm outta here!

Later, y'all!
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Derek and Bosco