August 1, 2016

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week (DNC Edition)

Well, another week has gone by, as has another political convention. In this case, it was the Democratic National Convention, which featured angry Bernie Sanders supporters, the decline of party chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and, oh yeah, the official nomination of Hillary Clinton!

Oh, sure, it would be easy to have missed that, what with the other drama. But even that was overshadowed by the ongoing rush of horribleness coming from--you guessed it--Donald Trump! But to balance that out, I've found a few funny Hillary Clinton GIFs to show her kooky side, such as this one: got a little something, wait...

Anyway, yeah, there was the DNC. And it was infinitely more upbeat than the doom and gloom of the RNC the week before. And almost all the speeches were met with enthusiasm. Even Bernie Sanders, whose supporters are still angry about him not getting the nomination, gave a strong speech in support of Clinton, although I have to admit that it looked like he would, at any moment, admonish the conventioneers to get the hell off of his lawn.

Michelle Obama gave the kind of speech that makes you understand why Trump's wife would plagiarize her. And when it came time for Hillary's family to get up and sound off, they gave exactly the kind of speeches you would expect. (Daughter Chelsea was a definite chip off the old block!)

Then came the Khan family. Khizr and Ghazala Khan are the parents of US Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed in 2004 while fighting in Iraq. Khizr spoke at the convention, with his wife by his side, and told their story. Then Mr. Khan pointed out that, while he had sacrificed his son for this country, Trump had sacrificed nothing, and then went on to offer mr. Trump his pocket copy of the constitution. The speech was a huge hit. (Or YUUUUUGE, if you like.)

And that's where Trump comes in...

Never one to let common sense get in the way of him and his mouth, Trump did an interview where he said, "I've sacrificed a lot. I've created a lot of jobs."

That's right. He is suggesting that, because he had to go and hire people, his sacrifice was at least on par with the Khan family losing their son. What a dickhole.

Jesus...That guy again?
In other news, the FBI is investigating a hacking of the DNC email servers. It is believed that the hackers are Russian and were working for Vladimir Putin. A huge bunch of those emails were put online, and they showed that DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Shultz tried to steer the Democratic primaries away from Sanders and in favor of Clinton. This did not go over well, and DWS was forced to step down. Good riddance, too, because if we can't even have an honest primary in one of the parties, then what hope do we have in a legitimate election?

And then Donald Trump opened his mouth...

Just sittin here, not saying anything.
At a press conference, Trump said that he hoped the Russians had the "33,000 missing emails" from Hillary's servers and suggested that the media would be pretty pleased about it if they turned them over.

Let that sink in.

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate (whether they like it or not), is asking Russian help him win the election by screwing her over. That is not only shocking, but also sounds like it might be sorta illegal...? I'm no lawyer, mind you, so I'll leave it up to those guys, and I'm sure a good number of them in the Justice Department are taking an interest in it.

Oh, and Trump also announced he wasn't going to release his tax returns. Big shock. Also the first one to do that. This is not the sort of thing one gets a cookie for.

Whaddaya mean, "no cookies"?
Anyway, let's look at this week's regular list of funny tweets from over on the Twitter machine, shall we? In no particular order...

And now, as promised, here's ten tweets about the DNC, in order (because it just seems the reasonable way to do it, is all):

And there you have it! Now get out there and have an awesome week. Myself, I'm gonna go play some music really loud tomorrow, so I have that going for me.

Gwet down with your bad self!
In the meantime, here's some music I made with my old band, Gypsy Moth, some time ago. Enjoy!

All the best,
Derek and Bosco