November 5, 2014

The Creeping Terror

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Oh, people...The guys had a real winner this week, and it was all because of Marco Platt.

You see, Marc was in a band with Derek's brother, Vern, called My Secret Life, and Derek used to act as a guitar tech (and occasional photographer) for them, largely because he liked the music, some of which can be found here.

Anyway, as a result, a mutual friendship formed around a love of music in general, the Beatles specifically, and cheesy sci-fi/horror flicks from the 50's and 60's! And when the guys did an episode for the movie Horror of Party Beach, Marc got pretty excited. And he got even more excited when Derek told him that the next movie he picked would be the 1964 "classic", The Creeping Terror!

An anthropomorphic wad of gum! RUN!
And what a movie it was! There's so much awesome to stare at and be be confused by! Dumb cops! Laundry being hung out to dry! Even dumber victims! Terrible narration! Incompetent soldiers! Rectal thermometers! (Wait, what?)

And the stupidest-looking monster ever to grace the silver screen (at least until Mac & Me).

No, seriously. This is it.
(It should be noted that, in the above photo, the victim in the monster's space vagina/mouth more than likely had to crawl in there on his own.)

Jake is bothered by the narrator. HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO SAYS ANYTHING! Larry is upset by the car humping scene. Derek is irritated by the exploding scientist. It's just...awful. But fun! Which is why you should listen to this episode!

Also: Another round of the Nicholas Cage-Off! Tune in now!

Next Week's Movie: Charlie Sheen in The Wraith!