March 26, 2015


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Oh, people...This was one of the hardest shows to do because, really, when you have the perfect movie, what can you really say about it? Sure, you could go scene-by-scene, just marveling over the pure comedic awesomeness of it, but that would be pointless, but words cannot convey the overwhelming perfection with which this film is saturated.

As a result, the guys spend a good portion of this episode, which is dedicated to the film Caddyshack, talking about all kinds of stuff that, at best, is tenuously connected to the film. For the most part. In some cases, it's even less than that.

Anyway, Caddyshack is (arguably) the story of Danny Noonan, a young man working as a caddy at Bushwood Country Club to raise money for college. The people he works for and with are...unique. There's Ty, the smarmy lumber yard owner with a Zen approach to life in general and golf in particular; Carl, the assistant groundskeeper whose bloodlust for vermin is matched only by his disconnect from reality...

"So I got that going for me..."
There is Judge Smails, who holds Danny's fate in his hands, in the form of a scholarship that could pay his way through school; Maggie, an Irish exchange student who inexplicably dances around in a Little House on the Prairie nightgown; Lacey Underall, the niece of Judge Smails, who seems determined to sleep with everyone at the club; and the denizens of the caddyshack itself.

Now, rumor has it that there was all kinds of crazy partying going on during the film's shoot, but none of the guys are willing to accept that, considering the consummate professionals that were a part of the cast.

Derek thinks that the movie is, in fact, about Carl and the gopher, and the other stuff is, essentially, decoration.

The real star of the film, ladies and gentlemen!
Jake is concerned that his Miss Piggy impression isn't up to snuff.

"It's DOODY!" - Jake
Larry is deeply angered by Rodney Dangerfield's act. And his clothes. Mostly his clothes.

"Sir! Your jacket looks like a Scotsman threw up on you!"
Needless to say, there's a lot of sidetracking going on throughout this show, such as trying to figure out what Maggie's family crest would be (the guys speculate that her family created Ireland's first theme restaurant), a discussion about the time the Mythbusters cast tried to recreate Carl's attempt to blow up the the gopher, and whether the lifeguard is part cyborg, or he just has a bionic leg.

There's also another edition of Larry's Cinematic Six, One Thing, entertainment news in The Lobby, Coming Attractions, One Thing, Larry's Lists and lots of laughs!

So put on some ugly clothes, shine up your clubs, and download this week's episode!