March 11, 2015

Space Station 76

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This week the guys took a look at Space Station 76. However, because of more scheduling issues, it had to be done...differently.

You see, Jake had work stuff he had to do on the guys' regular recording day. And the next day he was available, Larry had to work. (That's right; for a change, it wasn't Derek's fault!) However, they all wanted to see the movie and offer up their opinions of it. That's when Derek came up with a plan and decided to record two days in a row, and then edit it all together to get it all out there.

But enough of that business...We're all here to talk about this movie.

As the title implies, the story takes place on a space station in the future, but as seen through a 1970's filter.

Location, location, location!
Liv Tyler is Jessica, a newly assigned member of the Omega 76 flight crew. As she gets to know the rest of the people on the station, she discovers that almost every single one of them is a terrible human being, with the exception of young Sunshine (Kylie Rogers) and Steve's (Jerry O'Connell) cryogenically frozen mother. And possibly Ted. (Matt Bomer)

Who? Us?
Among other problems, she must deal with Captain Glenn (Patrick Wilson), a misogynistic blowhard with deep-seated sexual hangups. There is also Misty (Marisa Coughlin), who sees Jessica as a threat because she gets along with Sunshine and Ted, Misty's daughter and husband, respectively.

As tension builds throughout the movie, some of the characters take solace in each other, while others take comfort in Dr. Bot, the station's therapist...

"Live in the NOW!"
Or alcohol...
"I do not always drink. But when I do, it is a...HARVEY WALLBANGER."
Will Jessica ever find happiness? Will Captain Glenn just accept what everybody else on the station suspects? Will any of Sunshine's gerbils survive? What is the deal with Ted's pot-induced hallucinations?

Watch the movie and see!

Larry loves the movie, but is confused by it. But, man, does he dig Dr. Bot!

Derek is fascinated by the overall look of the film, as well as the way the people are willing to interact with each other, despite the fact that a good portion of them are complete assholes. He also digs Dr. Bot.

Jake is impressed by Liv Tyler's performance, and Paul Wilson's, too. Well, everybody's performance, really. But definitely Liv Tyler's. And Dr. Bot.

"Aww, shucks, you guys..."
There is also some carefully edited news in The Lobby, new movies Coming Soon, One Thing, and lost Village People music! (Not to mention some Nickelback music that should be lost.)

So download this week's episode and keep on truckin'!