December 29, 2015

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Well, guys...We survived Christmas. Didn't we? You know, I really shouldn't speak for everybody. Let me start over.

Don't let it happen again!
Well, guys...I survived Christmas. So there's that. And here's to hoping that all of you did, too. (Note: If you haven't, please don't tell me, because talking to dead people just feels plain creepy to me.)

In fact, I had a really nice time down at my brother's house, where I saw a few old friends.

And, once I got home, I had to spend a lot of time working. But I still had time to take in a bit of mental health exercise.

It should also be noted that this is also a big part of the reason why this week's list is happening on a Tuesday, rather than Sunday or Monday. Also, I'm still experiencing internet issues, so I have to go over to my dad's to do it. He's cool with it, though, and they generally feed me while I'm there, so everybody wins.

But you don't make them dinner, do you, you sonofabitch!

It was a great Christmas, hanging with my brother and his family. And when it was over, I stood back and admired the vast heap of Star Wars-related stuff I ended up with. And it was good.

Of course it was! Don't be silly!
But now is the time for tweets! And, if you dig 'em, why not join us over on Twitter? There may even be stuff funnier than what I'm finding around there myself. Go try it, won't we!

In no particular order...

And there you have it! 

And now, since the week is already almost half over, I figure the best way to sign off is to tell you to have a safe and happy New Years' Eve. And to send you into next year, here's a clip from one of my favorite bands, Barenaked Ladies. (The connection here is, a few years back, I went to see them for a New Years' Eve show...It was awesome...)

All the best and Happy New Year!
Derek and Bosco