June 8, 2016

Inside My Head 3: The Insidening

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Derek had such a blast last week doing Inside My Head with Larry that he decided he wanted to do another one with Jake this week!

It all comes together in this one...
Along with covering Jake's first choices for The Soundtracks of Our Lives, they start into a conversation about what could have been better about all of the X-Men movies, rambling through some opinions about where the Star Wars franchise went wrong in the prequels, as well as shutting down the people who heaped hate on The Force Awakens. But then things got weird...

Shown: Things getting weird.
What starts out as a discussion of movies and comics moves into darker territory when Derek brings up conspiracy theories. And while both will acknowledge that they are far from experts on the JFK assassination, UFOs and cryptozoology, they are happy to give it the old college try.

Jake also discusses religion and cults, and what he feels the rules are that govern the labeling of an organization one or the other (surprisingly, one of them involves air conditioning). He also shares stories about finding wolves in Michigan when there weren't supposed to be any, and the astounding number of animals in Alabama that really shouldn't be running around loose, such as llamas and panthers.

So tune in and listen to this week's episode!