June 6, 2016

Twenty Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted the Last Two Weeks

Hi, guys!

Sorry I didn't get a list last week, but you know how it is; holidays, work, rains of frogs...The usual.

How I Spent My Holidays by Derek Springer
But I'm back, baby! And to make up for not posting a list last week, I'm doubling the list this week. So, technically, you could say that I did do the list, but it was just really late.

But, as usual, before we go into that, there's other stuff to talk about.

First off, boxing great Muhammad Ali passed away this past week. He was the guy who brought boxing into popularity because he showed that not only was it a sport and an art, but it could be an amazing spectacle. With the help of Howard Cosell, he became the name everybody knew  when boxing came up in conversation, going on to inspire so many others that followed in his footsteps. But none of them will ever be able to fill his shoes.

Some can take a punch almost as well as he did, though...
On the ridiculous front, racist money-stealing assclown Donald Trump is having trouble walking, what with his foot being crammed so far into his mouth that he is able to taste his own hip. He is being sued in three or four lawsuits for his ridiculous Trump University because the people he duped into giving him a bunch of money don't feel that they got value for dollar. (Registered voters, take note.)

In defense of himself and his "university", Trump feels that the Indiana-born  Mexican-American judge who is hearing the cases should recuse himself because "he's Mexican and I'm building a wall." And, when pressed further on the issue, Trump added that if the judge were a Muslim, he shouldn't be allowed to hear the case, either.

My dad told me this afternoon, after watching a news story about this whole thing, that he's wondering whether Trump actually even wants to be president. I have to admit, that's a reasonable question, as it seems like every time Trump's poll numbers show even a little rise, he opens his mouth and says something mind-bendingly stupid.

Er, I just meant I wanted to see if I could win it! I didn't actually want
to do the job...
Okay. Enough of this. Let's look at the tweets, 'cause there's a lot of them. And, should you find yourself amused, why not head over to Twitter and find a bunch yourself? I'd read your list, since you've been kind enough to look at mine. (Even if it was just to see the Simpsons gifs.)

And there you have it! Am I forgetting anything?

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Oh, right. A video. I'll be honest: I didn't really plan for one this week, so I'm going to type a word into the YouTube search bar and see what it brings me. Let's see...how about "plunger"? Yeah. Let's try that...

Yeah, that'll work. Now have a great week!

All the best,
Derek and Bosco