June 1, 2016

Inside My Head 2: Inside Harder

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Jake wasn't able to take part in this week's show, so Derek and Larry decided to just sit down and shoot the shit for a while in another thrilling extended episode of Inside My Head

Among the many subjects covered, they discuss the turn of events in Captain America: Steve Rogers #1, the soundtracks of their fictional lives, tattoos and why (or why not), and embarrassing moments.

Larry misses the days when he and Derek were in a band, yet he still refuses to offer an acceptable answer as to why he wouldn't sing. He also cheerfully performs "jazz hands" for no other reason than because there was a camera pointed at him. It was good times.


Derek rambles about a lot of stuff, talking about the $10,000 tattoo, playing volleyball in the mud, and why he doesn't like Rush. Additionally, he introduces his idea for a sequel that nobody asked for...Rhinestone II: Cloudy with a Chance of Hog Balls!

So tune in and listen to this week's episode!