June 22, 2016

Soundtrack of Our Lives (CAH Edition)

To download, right-click here and choose, "Save file as..."

This week, the guys decided that it would be a whole lot more fun to sit down and play some Cards Against Humanity and discuss their ideas for songs that would be included on the soundtrack of movies that were made about them.

And a good time it was!

Shown: A good time being had.
Each of them were given the four scenes their songs would be used for:

1. Opening credits;

2. Funeral of a character;

3. 80s-style montage scene; and

4. Closing credits.

Larry contemplates just how 80s his montage will be.
Larry decided to give the overall soundtrack an actual theme, which gave him a specific area of music to choose from.

Jake went even further, choosing to come up with descriptions of the scenes his songs would be used in!

Derek put the least amount of effort into the concept side of things, but he was working on his list of songs right up until Larry showed up to record.

Lazy bastard...
So download the show, rock out, and also laugh almost as much as they did while they played!