May 10, 2017

Larry's List Extravaganza!

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This week, rather than watch a movie, Larry wanted to play some Cards Against Humanity and have Derek and Jake take part in what can only be called Larry's List Extravaganza!"

There were four lists: Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction, and the oddly specific 80s Action Movies. Each of the guys wrote their own lists, and then all three took breaks during the game to read their lists.

See? With words and everything!
Along the way, the guys learned a few things. Such as...

1. Just what is Derek's limit when playing Cards Against Humanity?
2. What did Jake's relatives bring to the New World with them?
3. Is there anything Larry won't read out loud?
5. What is Derek's Favorite card?
6. What happened to #4?
7. What will Jake look like as an old man?

Elderly Al Borland from Home Improvement!
8. What would Larry look like as a girl?

A female Gelfling from The Dark Crystal!
9. Will the novelty of FaceApp ever wear off for Derek? (God, we hope so...)

Don't hold your breath.
10. How many more of these damn things are we going to list?
11. And, of course, what is next week's movie?

So download this week's episode and find out the answers to all these questions and so much more!