June 28, 2017

Judgement Night

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This week, all three of the guys got back together to get back on track with Larry's movie choice from two weeks ago, 1993's Judgement Night, starring Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Stephen Dorff, Denis Leary, Jeremy Piven (for some reason), Peter Greene, and Erik "Everlast" Schrody (again, for some reason).

Frank (Estevez) is going out with his buddies, Mike (Gooding) and Ray (Piven), and his little brother John (Dorff), for the night to a boxing match. Ray, being the douchey guy that Jeremy Piven tends to be, manages to finagle an RV/party bus for the group of them to take into downtown Chicago for the fight in style.

Also, they need the space for Piven's forehead.
When they get caught in a traffic jam on the freeway, Ray decides that he can take a shortcut through a less-than-safe-looking part of town. While Frank argues with him about whether or not they'll be able to find the freeway again, they run over something. A quick investigation reveals that the speed bump they ran over was a person (Michael DeLorenzo), and that person has been shot.

Derek thinks the RV shot him, but nobody else agrees.
The kid tells them that they need to get out of there. When Frank takes the wheel to do just that and get the kid to a hospital, they get sideswiped by a car, and Frank gets the RV stuck in an alleyway.

A bunch of thugs break out the back window of the RV and drag the kid out into the street, where a mysterious and shadowy figure called Fallon (Leary) shoots him. Once that's done, he focuses on the other guys in the RV, all of whom are not too keen on being murdered by Denis Leary, so they break out the windshield and climb out so they can run away.

John! Quit getting lost in your own dreamy eyes! We have to hide!
Before he goes through the window, Frank pours a bunch of liquor around the RV and then sets it on fire, hoping to distract the bad guys. The RV explodes, so it's probably fair to say that it worked.

The guys find their way to a train yard, where they climb into a railroad car, only to be confronted by a bunch of hobos who want some money in order to stay quiet when Fallon and his gang show up.

They all give up their wallets, watches, and Mike's varsity jacket, but one of the hobos ("He's got a chicken brain!") freaks out and starts screaming, tipping off Fallon, who throws open the door, causing everyone to take off running.

The four friends find their way to a building in the projects, where they start knocking on doors, hoping they can call the police and get some help.

A couple of way-too-trusting people (Galyn Gorg and Angela Alvarado) let them in, and they call, just as Fallon and his thugs show up and start going apartment-to-apartment, floor-by-floor, to find Frank, Ray, Mike, and John.

After hearing a lot of people screaming, Clarissa (Gorg) tells the guys they need to get out, and Rita (Alvarado) is way in favor of that. Unfortunately, Ray isn't too into the idea, and pulls a gun on everybody to convince them that they really shouldn't go. A way more level-headed Frank convinces him that shooting all of them would just get the bad guys' attention, and Ray hands over the gun.

Clarissa tells them to take a secret way on the roof to the building next door. When they get there, they find a shoddy extension ladder stretched between the buildings. Ray decides he can't make it, so he wants to stay behind and try to cut a deal with Fallon.

Fallon recognizes the face of a guy who does not realize that his
bargaining skills aren't as good as he thinks they are.
Fallon, not impressed, throws Ray off the top of the building. Mike, who now has the gun, starts firing randomly at Fallon's men, clipping one of them, and then the three remaining friends run away again, finding themselves back in the shadier part of downtown, where they try to flag down a bus, but the bus driver wants no part of them. Mike shooting at the bus with the gun probably didn't help at all.

Instead, the guys hide in the sewer, but not very well. When Fallon and his guys realize they're down there, they give chase, leading them through the pipes, and a waterslide that is almost definitely coated in a thick layer of poop.

Frank, Mike, and John find a junction area where they grab makeshift weapons and prepare to fight Fallon's men to the end. Fallon's number one guy (Greene) gets the drop on Mike, but Frank quickly disarms him, and Mike shoots him.

At this point, Frank and John want to get out of there, but Mike wants to stay and end the whole thing. After some arguing that was easily loud enough to let Fallon and what's left of his gang find them, they climb out of the sewerand make their way to a sort of flea market/shopping mall kind of thing.

They break in and set off the alarm, which doesn't alert the police, but it does get the attention of a couple of security guys, as well as that of Fallon and his one remaining lackey, Rhodes (Schrody). They kill the security guys and start looking for Frank, Mike, and John.

He pulled out his Chrome .45
Talked some shit
And wound up dead
Mike takes out Rhodes, but not before Rhodes manages to shoot him. John tries to rescue Mike and ends up getting shot in the leg himself, by Fallon. Frank drags Mike and John to a closet in one of the bathrooms, and goes hunting for Fallon...

Will he beat Fallon? Or will Fallon straight-up murder the heck out of Frank, and then go hunt down Mike and John? And who won the boxing match? You'll have to tune in to find out!

Also, why does Cuba Gooding, Jr. keep making this face through the whole movie?
Larry loves this movie, and called it underappreciated numerous times. This seems to be largely because of Denis Leary's performance, which makes some sense, and also because of the awesome soundtrack.

Derek is not as enthusiastic, although he agrees with the assessments of Leary's performance and the soundtrack. He is, however, way too upset about Jeremy Piven existing, as well as the poop-filled sewer slide. So gross.

Jake shares Derek's opinion of the movie quality. He also wonders why Leary didn't get a lot more roles as a psychotic bad guy, as he nailed it in this one. He also believes the reason the other characters are so terrible falls strictly on the director.

And, once again, @redtache offers his opinions of the movie, and it turns out he's not particularly thrilled with it. He also disregards the guys' belief that the movie's soundtrack is pretty darn awesome.

So put on your uncomfortably small and awkward leather vest and listen to this week's episode!