December 24, 2014

The Star Wars Holiday Special

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As the guys officially bring #HolidayMobiepalooza to a close, what better way to do so than to watch one of the greatest made-for-TV movies ever?

That's right; they watched The Star Wars Holiday Special!

It's the story of how George Lucas decided he needed another way to drill his epic space opera into your brain and let it eat away enough of your sensibilities to allow for the prequel trilogy that would come some twenty-one years later. However, even he admits that he went too far, stating that, if he could track down every copy of this turd burger, he would. And then he would destroy them.

Why would the creator of one of the most beloved movies trilogies ever say something like that? Probably because of this:

"I'm made of 90% post-consumer plastics and burnt doll hair!"
Or maybe this:

"I am so loaded up on cocaine right now..."
Nah...More than likely, it's because of this:

"I stand over you at night and watch you sleep!"
The horror...The horror...

But whatever the reason, the guys wanted to watch it and talk about it. Derek is so upset about the stormtroopers that he creates an entirely new segment called Nerd Rage! Jake is horrified by Itchy's disturbing, masturbatory fantasy featuring Diahann Carroll wearing a mophead made of rags. Larry...Well, Larry pretty much blocked out as much as he could, but was left crying in the fetal position on the floor.

An accurate representation of Larry's emotional state after watching this movie.
There's also one last round of Walken in a Winter Wonderland, discussion about Clint Eastwood's new film, and a bunch of ranting about Sony pulling The Interview. (UPDATE: Sony has decided to do a limited release on Christmas Day.)

So tune in now! And, for everyone at Here Be Spoilers, have the Boba Fett-iest Christmas of all!

Happy Holidays, you guys!