December 3, 2014

A Christmas Story 2 - The #HolidayMoviepalooza Edition

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It's time for #HolidayMoviepalooza! Jake was out of town, so Derek and Larry invited Tonya Mehler to join them in "breaking the seal", as it were, on an entire month of holiday-themed movies!

The first movie on the gang's list is A Christmas Story 2, the sequel to the classic 1983 film that starred Peter Billingsley, Melinda Dillon and Darren MacGaven, was written by Jean Sheppard, and was directed by Bob Clark.

Dignity was not a high priority here.

The sequel doesn't have any of that.

What it does have, though, is Daniel Stern as the Old Man, Stacey Travis as Mrs. Parker,, not much else. Like the original, this movie was primarily based on Sheppard's In God We Trust...All Other Pay Cash, a collection of semi-fictional short stories about his life. (Derek highly recommends this and any other Sheppard books that are out there!)

This time, Ralphie Parker is aiming higher than a paltry Red Ryder B.B. Gun.  He wants a car. And the popular girl. And, we don't know...maybe a better dye job?

Tonya is practically speechless over what happens to the mannequin. Larry is shocked by the unspeakable things Schwartz does to the pneumatic tube system at Higbee's, and Derek is deeply upset by what the Old Man does while ice fishing.

"Hey, Ralph...Your dad it totally pounding that ice hole!"
So join the gang and listen to them pick apart the movie, discuss new trailers and upcoming releases, and take part in their very first Walken in a Winter Wonderland competition! It's fun! So you don't have to!