April 2, 2015

Howard the Duck

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This week the guys watched the film that marked the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Howard the Duck, starring Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins, Jeffrey Jones, and at least eight different people in a duck suit. (Separately, that is...as far as we know...)

Howard is your average suit-wearing, porn watching, guitar playing duck--you know...like you see all the time--that gets sucked through some sort of wormhole kind of thing, and he ends up in Cleveland. Talk about shitty luck.

Fortunately for him, he meets the lovely Beverly (Thompson), a singer in what is supposed to be a punk band, but really just seems like a knock-off of the Go-Gos.

Until Howard adds some six-string stank to their music, that is...
She feels sorry for him and takes him back to her apartment...And then things get weird...

And by "weird", we mean HOT!
When Beverly takes Howard to see her scientist friend, Phil (Robbins), he wants them to meet Dr. Jenning (Jones). This turns out to be an extremely bad idea, as Jenning is soon possessed by a Dark Overlord of the Universe. He's really sweaty and lumpy.

But the ladies still love him, for some reason.
Can Howard save the Earth, find a way back to his own world, and still maybe get a bit of Beverly action? Listen and find out!

Larry is really bothered by Dr. Jenning's tongue. It's long and icky.

Derek is livid because he thinks that, if you are going to work someplace that requires you to explain to visitors what it is that happens there, you should be able to properly pronounce what it is you do.

Jake is self-conscious about how loudly he breathes through his mouth.

The truth is, there really isn't a lot of conversation about the plot of the movie itself. Instead, there are questions about Lea Thompson's motivation for choosing roles, and whether it is in her contract that she gets to sleep with weird stuff.

And can we watch?
There is also speculation about the mentality (and wardrobe) of the person(s) responsible for writing a love scene between Marty McFly's mom and a talking duck.

Along with all of that, there's Nerd Rage, Coming Soon, news in The Lobby, Larry's List, One Thing, Jake's Hollywood Purgatory, and another thrilling edition of What's That All About?.

So download this week's show and get your duck on!