August 12, 2015

Game Night II: Oh, The (Cards Against) Humanity!

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Okay...The plan was for the guys to watch Weird Al Yankovic's film, UHF. And they did. Really. Then they recorded a show about it.

Then...tragedy struck.

Okay, not so much. Basically, what happened was this: Derek is a butterfingers, and he accidentally unplugged the recorder halfway through the show. The guys hoped they would be able to salvage the recording (this had happened before, and things turned out fine), but it was not to be. It turns out that trusting Derek to handle the technical aspects of the show were maybe not the best idea.

Seriously, would you trust a chunkhead like this with important button-pushing stuff?
Anyway, with a lost podcast, the one remaining option (not having a show this week wasn't an option) was to dig out another recording of the guys playing Cards Against Humanity! And, man-oh-man, was it a good game!

Over two hours of weird, obscene, and downright offensive gameplay is there to make your ears burn. So enjoy it!

This is one of the least offensive ones.
Larry tries to justify an answer concerning Nazi atrocities by pointing out that he is, in fact, Polish, and that makes it all okay.

Jake is the Card Czar, and, as such, spends a lot of time giggling like a school girl as he reads the cards to himself before letting everyone else in on the joke.

Derek multitasks like a boss, not only offering up the funniest answers he can, but also digging up audio clips on the fly. It's...majestic, really.

Anyway, give it a listen and enjoy! And tune in next week, when the guys record again, and Derek won't be allowed to touch any buttons!