August 19, 2015


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Back in 1989, there was a brief period where horror/suspense movies that took place underwater were kind of a thing. Three of them were released that year -- Deep Star Six, The Abyss, and, of course, Leviathan. Only one of those films made any sort of major impact, and it's a safe bet to assume the one with Buckaroo Banzai, Col. Troutman, the bad guy from Home Alone who wasn't Joe Pesci, Winston Zedmore from Ghostbusters, Axel Foley's art dealer friend, and Mulder's ex-girlfriend was not the one.

And did we mention that one of the cast of Fish Police was in it, too?
This week, the guys sat down to watch this movie and attempt to talk about it.

It did not go well.

Oh, sure, there was a discussion about Peter Weller's complete and utter indifference to his choice of acting roles. Entire sentences were used up trying to determine the physics of Lisa Eilbacher's ability to maintain her balance, despite her dangerously top-heavy frame. There was even a brainstorming session concerning the meaning behind Hector Elizondo's disturbingly toothy palm vagina.

There was even some amount of talk about the connection of the character Dejesus to both Raul Julia and John Turturro's character in The Big Lebowski, as well as Danel Stern's Sixpack character's attempts to bed both of the female crew members, despite looking like the kind of guy who would, for a price, allow strangers to do unspeakable things to his mouth behind a Denny's on any given Friday night.

"Hurr hurr hurr...Bewbs..."
But, alas, interest in the movie could not be maintained.

Instead, they spent a large part of the show talking about Terminator: Genisys, if for no other reason than because it wasn't Leviathan.

Yes...This was more appealing than watching Daniel Stern eye-humping his
costars. Let that sink in for a minute.
Jake wants to know why Jai Courtney was chosen to play Kyle Reese in this edition of the Terminator series because he has all the charisma of Peter Weller in Leviathan.

Larry actually paid some attention to this week's movie and noticed certain similarities between it and several better movies, such as Alien, Jaws, Anaconda, and, for some reason, Feivel Goes West.

Derek thought Terminator: Genisys was actually pretty good, with solid special effects, unlike most of the ones in Leviathan, which was not good at all.

There's also news in The Lobby, a couple flicks Coming Soon, Larry's List, Derek's confession about what happened to last week's recording of UHF, and an exciting round of Schmovie! (It's a quick, fun game. Go check it out!)

So download the show now and listen so you don't ever find yourself a situation where you might have to watch this turd-burger!