May 11, 2016

They Live

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There aren't many movies where the guys agree completely with each other on the straight-up awesomeness of a movie. This week, however, is exactly that.

This week the guys watched John Carpenter's 1988 classic They Live, starring WWF wrestler Roddy Piper and Keith David, who was not a WWF wrestler. (But he probably would have been awesome if he was.)

Piper is Nada, a relentlessly cheerful homeless man who wanders from town to town, looking for work. When he gets to Los Angeles, he manages to get hired working at a construction site. And that's where he meets Frank (Keith David), another roving construction worker who helps Nada find a hot meal and a shower.

What do you mean, 'it's a community soap bar'?!
At the camp where the homeless people stay, Nada notices some sketchy activities going on at the church across the street, and it's not the normal sketchy activity you might expect. When he goes to investigate, he trips, breaks a wall, and barely manages to escape when the police raid the joint and destroy both it and the camp across the street.

A day or so later, he goes back to the now destroyed church and finds a box of magical sunglasses that allow him to see things in an entirely new way.

And  YOU look like you borrow MacGyver's shirt and mullet, Roddy.
Glass houses, sir...Glass houses...
Things take a dark turn when the police find Nada and try to beat some blindness back into him, but he's able to overpower them and take their guns before slowly backing into the safety of...a bank.

Fortunately, as a former wrestler, he was able to improvise during
an incredibly improbable scenario.
After spouting a few quips and then killing every nonhuman in the bank a lot, he takes a hostage (Meg Foster), hoping she can help him get away from the aliens, or whatever they are, that are ruling the world and keeping the humans docile. It does not go well.

Mere moments after this shot, she threw him out a window. Really.
Stuck for a plan of action, Nada finds Frank and tries to convince him to try on the sunglasses so he can see what the world is really like. That doesn't go too well, either.

Basically, Nada is just about useless, largely because of his desire to go find Holly again. (We dunno...maybe he gets turned-on by being thrown out windows by women. Don't judge.)

Nada and Frank manage to get caught in another gunfight and, through a comedy of errors, stumble upon the bad guy base, where the aliens(?) are partying with rich white dudes!'

Nothing to see here...Move along.
The party is in the basement of the TV studio that transmits the brain control stuff to the humans, and so is Holly, so that spirals together nicely.


SPOILER: No. No it doesn't.

Derek is worried about Nada's hair. It's really super-mullety. It could do someone some serious damage.

Jake is certain Holly is a dude. There is not a whole lot of evidence to the contrary, so if anybody has any, now would be the time.

Larry is amused by Nada's Canadian-ness. That's really it.

There's also a bunch of stuff in The Lobby, movies only Jake recognizes Coming Soon, a defense of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie while Jake-ing Off, the best-ish of 1988 on Larry's List, and mom stories from Inside My Head.
So get your sunglasses on and tune in for this week's show! OBEY! OBEY!