January 14, 2015

The Undertaker and His Pals

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Well, gang...It finally happened. The guys finally sat down to watch The Undertaker and His Pals. So far, it's the shortest movie they have watched for the show.(Only sixty-four minutes!) Somehow, they managed to make a podcast that was longer than the actual movie!

The poster is better than the movie!
By taking the well-known idea of a restaurant serving human flesh as food (Delicatessen, Sweeney Todd...possibly an episode of Laverne & Shirley), and trying to put an original spin on it (motorcycles, an undertaker instead of a barber or apartment supervisor, possibly an old guy who runs a pizza place/bowling alley) and throwing in some attempts at comedy, the filmmakers managed to create a disturbing mishmash of barely watchable goofiness!

"I'm eating a sexy hamburger! I can taste the sexy E. coli!"
Basically, a motorcycle gang, led by the undertaker of the local funeral home (it accepts trading stamps!), goes around killing people. The other two members of the gang--Spike and Doc--own and operate a restaurant called the Greasy Spoon Cafe. The restaurant gets their "meat" to sell, and the undertaker makes a killing (pun definitely intended) by overbilling people for funeral expenses. These guys have a PLAN! Sure, they're dicks. But they're organized dicks with a solid business model.

They're snazzy dressers, too!
But everything is thrown into chaos when asshole P.I. Harry Glass gets on the case! He takes it personally when the gang kills his secretary (despite being totally disinterested when she threatens to commit suicide in front of him), and swings into action! And by that, we mean he smirks a lot, hangs out with a guy who looks like Raymond Burr, and hires a new secretary.

And there are snacks!
Derek is angry about the editing. Really angry. Jake is angry at...well, everything, really. And Larry unabashedly loves this movie, yet he is unable to thoroughly explain why.

There is also News Stuff in The Lobby, Upcoming Releases, Larry's Top Ten, and a new segment from Derek called One Thing. Jake has yet to decide whether he wants a segment.

So get some "leg of Lamb" (trust us, this is hilarious in context), pour yourself a delicious 7UP (crisp and clean, no caffeine), and settle down for a tightly-coiled spiral of podcasting goodness!

NEXT WEEK'S MOVIE: We're not sure. It may be Eegah! starring Richard Kiel, Arch Hall, Jr., and Richard Kiel's icky, slug-like tongue. Or it may be a movie to be named later, due to Jake having an anniversary and birthday next weekend. We'll let you know. Cool?