January 28, 2015

Galaxy Quest

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Here's a rarity: The guys watched a movie that all three of them love unabashedly! They sat down to talk about 1999's Galaxy Quest, starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Sam Rockwell, Daryl Mitchell, Enrico Colantoni and Justin Long in his first film! And that's just the main cast! There are even more amazing names in the supporting cast!

Do we sound a little enthusiastic? That's because everyone here at Ugly Couchcast Industries is a huge fan.

And the crowd goes wild!
Galaxy Quest is about the has-been cast of a mid-eighties television show called, creatively, Galaxy Quest. Since the cancellation of the show, they have been attending QuestCons to meet fans, despite almost all of them hating the show's main star, Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen).

While attending one those conventions, Jason is contacted by a group of people that he believes are making a fan film, but turn out to be actual aliens that have developed their society based on "historical documents" that are, in fact, old reruns of the show, even going so far as to build the ship from the show, the N.T.E. Protector. (Wait until you find out what "N.T.E." stands for...)

Sadly, it does not come with cupholders.
After seeing what the aliens have done (and kind of pissing off the evil lobster that wants to destroy them), Jason convinces the rest of the crew to join him in a chance to be actual heroes to the galaxy, as opposed to just being bitter actors pretending to be heroes. They don't believe him, but follow along because they don't want him taking a job without them. From there, hilarity ensues...

That's a helluva thing...
Derek is fascinated (and, admittedly, a little disturbed) by Tim Allen's MacGuyver hair in the clips from the original show...

Jake is amazed by Sam Rockwell's grasp of technology...

Stunningly accurate!
And Larry is really, really into Sigourney Weaver's...er...costume...

And her Jazz Hands!
So throculate your perambulators and set your phaser-like weapons that don't violate Paramount's licensing and ownership on stun, and get onboard with Galaxy Quest!