March 30, 2016

Digging Up the Marrow

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This week, the guys sat down to watch Adam Green's quiet little side-project called Digging Up the Marrow. That's not so odd.

Despite Adam Green looking like the lovechild of
Michael Ian Black and Zak Bagans (from Ghost Adventures)
No, what is odd is that, for only the second time in the history of the show, not everyone sat down together and watched it at the same time. You see, the original plan was to get together early on Easter Sunday because Jake was having dinner with his girlfriend and some of her family. A good time was going to be had. Unfortunately, Jake forgot to call Larry on Saturday to let him know, and Larry kinda sorta overslept, so Derek and Jake sat down to watch it and record the show,

Later in the day, Larry texted both of them and offered to come watch the movie later. And so, Derek had to watch this movie twice. And Derek had to essentially edit two shows together.

Only the healing balm of a Ray Wise performance was able to make it better.
And what a movie! (Or, as Larry put it, "What? A movie?") It's actually more of a mockumentary about director Adam Green's interaction with retired detective William Dekker, who contacted Green to tell his story about The Marrow -- a place where...what most would call "monsters" spend most of their days away from the rest of humanity.

At night, though, they mess with a kid named Linus by dressing as the Great Pumpkin.
When Adam decides to give Dekker a shot at proving himself, they wind up in the woods, hiding behind a grave marker. (And, really, who hasn't ended up crouching behind a tombstone with a retired detective in the middle of the night? Right?) On the first night, not much happens. But the next time they go to the hole in the woods, things get a little more...exciting.

With surprising footage under his arm, Adam and his business partner/cameraman Will attempt to show it to others, and nobody is willing to believe that it's real. Even Kane freakin' Hodder watches it and hopes it will turn into a porno flick. Weird guy.

While Adam and Will are on a convention tour, their editor, Josh, finds something suspicious from additional footage captured by cameras they set up after the second trip. In it, Dekker is seen hanging around the hole, spooning some sort of food into it, and crying while he sits on the edge.

Dekker attempts to pull the old "What's that over there?" escape.
When the two go back out to the hole to see if they can find any clues as to what was going on, and they are confronted by Dekker. But that's not the worst of it! They also run across a few of those "monsters" that Dekker was telling them about.

Maybe he's born with it...
After the Great Pumpkin tries to eat Adam's car, they escape and argue a lot about what the hell is going on out there in the woods. Plans are made to go back the next day...

And that's all we're telling you right now. You'll just have to listen to the show to find out the rest!

Jake is surprised at how well the movie plays, especially considering how small the budget was. (Spoilers: It was basically done with the money from returning empty soda and beer cans.)

Larry disagrees. Not so much that it doesn't look good, but rather than he doesn't care for the documentary style the movie was made in. He does think the monsters look pretty cool, though.

Derek was disappointed that he was able to figure out the secret of Dekker's son less than halfway through the movie. It was kinda projected.

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So get your shovel and dig up this show!