January 31, 2017

Ten Funny Tweets Derek Re-Tweeted Last Week

Hi, guys. Let's get this over with quickly, shall we?

Turns out everyone's worst nightmare wasn't even close to as bad as Angry Orange is currently making it. But there is an ongoing resistance, which involves protests, contacting your representatives, and punching Nazi asshat Richard Spencer in the head.

All of these seems like a good idea.
Many people are saying that punching people in the heads is not really the way it ought to be, which I can understand, but this is a case in which I'm willing to cut the head-puncher some slack. Spencer is a fucking asshole who, after this past weekend's shooting at a mosque in Canada by an Angry Orange supporter, questioned why a mosque would even be in Canada. What a fuckstick.

Also, there's this story about Jack Kirby, one of the Marvel giants who helped create Captain America:

And so, Richard Spencer getting punched in the head is the only GIF I'm using today.

You've been warned.
On the lighter side of things, science and art continue to move forward to varying, but always entertaining, results.


Here's an example of at least one of Newton's Laws of Motion.
Then there were tweets...A bunch of them!So I grabbed a few from Twitter to throw out there...you know, to see if they stick. In no particular order...

And there you have it! Now get out there and punch a Nazi! Er, I mean, have a great week! And these need not be mutually exclusive! And to start you off in the right direction, here's a nice, quiet piece of music I think you'll enjoy.

All the best,
Derek and Bosco